Additional Informantion
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Additional Information

Paratroopers carried an average of 70 pounds of equipment. Officers averaged 90 pounds of gear. With the parachute, men weighed in at 90-120 pounds over their body weight.
The paratroopers were jumping into unknown territory and needed to be prepared for any encounter or conditions. Here's what they took:

Standard Parachutist Pack: M-1 Garand Rifle with 8-round clip, cartridge belt with canteen, hand grenades, parachute and pack, anti-flash headgear and gloves, pocket compass,
machete, .45 caliber Colt automatic rifle, flares, message book.

Officer Pack: Sten gun, spare magazines with 9mm ammunition, 2 lb. plastic high explosives (HE), 2-36 primed hand grenades, two full belts of Vickers, .303 ammunition,
wire cutters, radio batteries, small-pack, basic equipment webbing, 48 hours worth of rations, water, cooking and washing kit.

Spread throughout pockets: loaded .45 automatic pistol, medical kit, 2 additional lb. HE, knife, escape/survival kit, toggle rope, additional personal items.

The picture on the right---------------------->
is the pathfinders of the 101st. There job was to find the drop zones and set a becon telling the paratroopers to jump. Unfortunatly, only one third of them made it to there drop zones.